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The Licensing and Revenue Department of the Department of Planning and Development administers the franchise agreement between Gwinnett County and Comcast. This includes assisting Comcast customers with unresolved complaints and ensuring that Comcast complies with the terms of the franchise agreement. Charter and AT&T U-verses operate under state franchise agreements in Gwinnett County. The State of Georgia assists Charter and AT&T U-verse clients with unresolved complaints and ensures that Charter and AT&T comply with the terms of their franchise agreements. Any company can provide services anywhere in the unregregized county of Gwinnett. For additional terms of use for XFINITY Voice in Maine, see dial phones and certain makes and models of other voice-related communication devices, including key systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) devices, answering machinery and traditional caller identification units; If you subscribe to the XFINITY Performance Internet service or higher, you may also access the Internet and use XFINITY Internet Wirelessly (“XFINITY WiFi”) through our access points, HHS and affiliated access points that provide wireless Internet access at no additional cost by logging in with your XFINITY username and password. If you use an XFINITY WiFi access point owned or operated by Comcast to access XFINITY Internet, including an HHS, your use is subject to the terms of this Agreement, the XFINITY WiFi Terms of Service, and our Acceptable Use Policy. If you use an access point owned or operated by one of our affiliates to access the Internet, you may also be subject to our affiliate`s terms and conditions and acceptable use policy. If you subscribe to XFINITY Internet at a lower level than the XFINITY Performance Internet Service, XFINITY WiFi may be made available to you on a trial basis, sponsored or paid for use under different conditions. Your use of XFINITY WiFi means that you accept the applicable terms. If you do not agree to the applicable terms and conditions, you must not use the XFINITY WiFi service. XFINITY WiFi is not available in all locations and availability is subject to change without notice.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR COMCAST DIGITAL VOICE SUBSCRIBERS: LIMITATIONS OF THE XFINITY VOICE SERVICE The general terms and conditions of sale of products for XFINITY INTERNET customers are available under Limitations. XFINITY Voice includes 911/Enhanced 911 and some plans include text features to 911 (where emergency authorities provide such service) (collectively, “911/E911”) that may differ from the third-party 911/E911 feature. As such, it may have some limitations. READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO ALL RESTRICTIONS OF 911/E911. .