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In the ASEAN region, the EU has already concluded negotiations with Singapore and Vietnam – which I hope will come into force sometime in 2019. Other negotiations have also begun with the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. The ultimate goal is for bilateral trade agreements with the various ASEAN countries to serve as building blocks for a future agreement between the EU and ASEAN between the region. Jakarta`s main foreign trade strategy is now overseen by the Foreign Ministry under the direct leadership of the president, Siregar said, not the Ministry of Commerce. Chapter 3 closely follows the approach of the WTO`s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). It covers trade in all service sectors under the four types of supply. Separate schedules relating to the trafficking of individuals providing services (Annex IX), the recognition of the qualifications of service providers (Annex X), the recognition of patents and the training of seafarers on swiss-registered vessels (Annex XI), telecommunications services (Annex XIII), financial services (Annex XIV) and tourism and travel services (Annex XV) , complete the chapter with additional disciplines specific to these sectors. The lists of contracting parties relating to derogations from the treatment of the most favoured nation (MPF) and specific obligations are listed respectively in Appendix VIII and Appendix XII. These lists are subject to regular revision to further liberalize the exchange of services between the two parties.

A Framework Agreement on Partnership and Comprehensive Cooperation was signed on 9 November 2009 and came into force on 1 May 2014. The agreement forms the basis of regular political dialogue and sectoral cooperation and takes bilateral relations to the next level. The agreement provides a legal framework for integration and cooperation in a wide range of policy areas, including human rights, political dialogue and trade. Indonesia is the sixth country in the region to enter into negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement with the EU, after Singapore (2010), Malaysia (2010), Vietnam (2012), Thailand (2013) and the Philippines (2015).