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A landlord may still issue an annual notice for the rent increase during the temporary freeze period associated with COVID-19, but this increase does not take effect until the freeze is cancelled. A landlord is required to reimburse a tenant for the excess rent actually paid on the basis of a notice of rent increase that is expected to come into effect on April 1 or after April 1. However, rent increases that came into effect before April 1 are not affected; Tenants must continue to pay the increased rent for the duration of the block. When it comes to smoking, the landlord can notify the tenant, followed by a termination if they do not stop. However, the tenant can challenge the landlord`s notification and ask the institution to verify whether the lessor`s judgment was appropriate and valid or not. Rental Unit Status Report (form 5) (definitive) The landlord and tenant can use this form to record the status of a rental unit at the time of the move and at the time of the move. If a contract is automatically renewed because a lessor does not offer a renewal of the tenancy agreement, the tenant has the right to revoke the renewal contract by providing the lessor with a payment period. Notice to the Tenant – Service Reduction/Withdrawal (Form 8) (new effective date March 1, 2013) A landlord must use this form to notify a tenant when a service included in the rent is reduced or withdrawn (e.g. B, the rental base cable was included and the landlord withdraws this service) Owners generally want all adults (over the age of 18) who reside in the unit to sign the lease or be listed as tenants in the rental agreement. These include other and/or important tenants` roommates. This makes all those responsible responsible for the terms of the lease. In cases where the landlord is not sure that the person applying for rent is able to pay rent himself, they have the right to ask the applicant to find someone who signs a guarantee contract. In essence, a guarantee contract stipulates that if the rent is not paid, the surety is responsible for paying the lessor.

Request for correction of the improvement requested by the tenant (form 7) (Legal size) A landlord must use this form when a tenant has requested an improvement (for example. B air conditioning) on his device. The owner must make this request to the establishment. A landlord may enter the rental unit in case of emergency without notice, but only if the tenant gives the landlord permission to do so. The landlord may also enter the premises without authorization if he has terminated the tenant and must show the apartment to a potential tenant, or if it is the last day of the lease and the landlord must establish a status report for the unit. Notice to new tenants (form 2) (Updated – effective March 1, 2013) Landlords must provide all new tenants with a complete notification to new tenants when the lease begins. Landlords are required to send a copy of this form to the rental office (succursale). A landlord has the right to collect a fee if a tenant does not pay their rent on time. This tax may exceed $10.00 for the first day when the fee is too late, plus an additional $2 per day after for up to $100 per month`s rent.

The landlord is required to tell the tenant in writing if they wish to collect a late fee. Termination by the landlord for non-payment of rent (for all residential rents, except rentals that are a mobile home, the mobile home website or both (Form8) a landlord must use this form if it terminates a rental contract for non-payment of the rental. This form can be given if the tenant has not paid the rent within three days of the due date. Pet Damage Deposit A landlord who authorizes a tenant to keep a pet in the rental unit may charge the tenant a pet damages deposit for 1/2 month.