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Get opportunities. Customers can invite you and other talents to respond to the opportunities that are being issued through the talent platform. Sales opportunities may indicate: (i) the identity of the customer; (ii) a description of the work in relation to the sales opportunities; (iii) the compensation related to him; (iv) the dates and times of the work described from time to time; and (v) all the “flow through rules” that a customer needs as a precondition for accepting a sales opportunity and performing the work indicated in the possibility of sale (including, but not exclusively, the conclusion of confidentiality agreements). By responding to the opportunity to sell, you accept all the conditions described in the possibility of sale. If you do not agree with the conditions outlined in the possibility of sale, you must refuse the possibility of sale. DENVER, December 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — IQN, the independent leader in human resources management solutions for non-employees, and Beeline, market leader in software solutions for expanded personnel acquisition and management, announced today that the two companies have reached a final merger agreement. The combined company creates one of the world`s largest suppliers of supplier management systems (VMS), uniquely positioned to help its customers and partners maximize the benefits of their rapidly growing expanded workforce, prepare for the future of work and win the war for quality and talent on demand. The three-way agreement paves the way for the nation`s 250-plus digital inclusion program acceptance offers. A customer can expand an offer that you can accept or decline.

Clients make their own hiring decisions and you agree that Beeline is not held responsible for such a decision. You ensure, guarantee and accept that you do not accept an offer unless you have the necessary skills to perform the work indicated in the possibility of sale related to such an offer. Beeline is not obligated to give you any training or training of any kind. You also ensure and guarantee that you have all the commercial licenses necessary to complete an offer that you eventually accept. You state that it is not forbidden to work for a client for whom you accept an offer by other agreements or by existence. Beeline is not responsible for the decisions or actions you take regarding or relying on a sales opportunity or offer. After accepting an offer through the Talent platform, you go directly through the recruitment process (including all required contracts or other boarding requirements) with the customer, and you agree that Beeline will not be held responsible for claims related to this process (including, but not limited to offers that will be withdrawn or amended). As part of the agreement, GTCR, the private equity firm and owner of Chicago-based IQN, purchased Beeline`s vendor management software and associated assets from Adecco Group, Fortune Global 500 and a zurich-Glattbrugg, Switzerland-based human resources solutions company. Financial terms are not disclosed. MaximaTelecom and Beeline have entered into a strategic partnership agreement in the field of digital advertising and public wi-fi monetization.

The agreement was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Information collected. You can provide information to Beeline during registration or as part of your use of the talent platform. You are solely responsible for your personal data and recognize that Beeline serves only as a channel for the distribution and publication of your data online. These conditions include the talent privacy policy available on and describes how we collect, use, share and store your personal data. By accepting these conditions, you also accept the terms of the talent privacy policy, which can be changed from time to time.