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Both for sellers. Amazon`s new contract attempts to remove that from arbitration. What I mean by that is that there is what is called accelerated arbitration. Not only is arbitration supposed to be generally faster and cheaper under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, which is the company that chose Amazon, but they also created this case for an expedited process. We`re going to talk about how Amazon is trying to change the rules of the company that Amazon has chosen. We see a lot of lists of suspensions or even IP complaints occur as a result of the changes in this specific agreement. The agreement also mentions that Amazon is being assigned rights and responsibilities for everything on its site, which is still a possibility that Amazon will say they will have control of the list sites. Paragraph 3 of Amazon`s terms of use deals with the terms and conditions of sale, as they concern Amazon sellers and get the reinstatement of suspended sellers by writing an action plan or call from Amazon. Amazon TOS said that any Amazon account could be suspended at any time for any reason.

Well, paragraph 3 changed that…. Or did he? CJ Rosenbaum breaks the new TOS. What will be the factors of Amazon`s decision to compensate you or just some kind of screw seller of the value of their products? We don`t know exactly how this is going to happen, but these are some of the problems amazon sellers face. I think it is our point of view to write action plans for sellers that we have to argue that they should compensate or that they are required to compensate for whatever reason and to argue the provisions of F-4 when they owe money to the sellers. That is certainly something we need to find out. This paragraph hasn`t changed much, but it`s absolutely important for sellers to know how Amazon handles security issues, because as part of the arbitration team, I`ve seen several sellers who unfortunately are victims of hacked accounts, and we`ve seen Amazon handle these situations. The new contract, in which the contract stipulates that sellers are solely responsible for maintaining their security by password. So once again, Amazon is disempowering itself of any responsibility to protect sellers. In this case, as far as the security of their accounts is concerned. This is interesting, because while Amazon limits its liability, once again we do so positively, we see that Amazon will act responsibly in situations where an account is hacked.

What do I mean? We filed several arbitration proceedings against Amazon specifically for this reason that they allowed to hack into a seller`s account and that if a seller tried to act in accordance with the contract and change their password because they knew that their account was hacked, Amazon was not able to resolve the problem for our customer. When we submit these arbitration proceedings, we find that, although the contract limits Amazon`s liability, Amazon is prepared to settle amicably. And I don`t think we`ve ever had a hacking case that went to a hearing. Every time a seller came to our company, who says that their account was hacked, we almost, or, I think, still managed 100% to put these sellers back in business. The following sentence frees Amazon from any future claims or liability resulting from the use of its services. Using Amazon at your own risk means that you are solely responsible for any litigation that may be filed against you by another seller or company. Materials Violation: The first major exception in the new terms of use is that Amazon may immediately suspend a seller or entry if Amazon believes there has been a substantial violation of the terms of use. There is a specific law on what is “essential” and what is “intangible.” For Amazon`s suspended sellers, it is essential to identify and argue in your action plan, which is essential or significant in relation to what is insignificant or not.